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Happy to use your services!
Postat de Leon K. (Salonika, Gr) in 2/17/2006
Thanks for your professionalism and always quick replies. I am happy to use your services, knowing that u ll manage to satisfy my requests.
Rating: Mediu
Well done most impressed.
Postat de Kirk T. (U.K.) in 1/25/2006
Happy New Year and all best wishes for your company. My compliments to your professional staff; we all enjoyed our stay.I;m lookink forward to come back for Summer Holiday,this time in Braosov. regards, Kirk T.
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prompt & affordable
Postat de Debby (New York City) in 1/23/2006
My entire family went to Romania last autumn and were very happy with the services provided to us by your company. They were prompt and affordable. If they keep the prices low, we'll use them again in this spring.
Rating: Mediu
Accommodation for a friend
Postat de Gerhard S. (Germany) in 1/20/2006
Hi,do you remember me? Me,Gerhard. I was accommodated with you in January '05. A friend of mine will travel in Romania for bussiness and I recommend him to stay with you in Bucaresti.Is this O.K? I'am doing this cause I was very happy with the apartment and your staff..Hope this request won't bother you very much.I just want to be sure that he will be treated as I was... Forgotten!I wish you a prosperius New Year .Bye P.S.My friend will come in early March and he'll tell yu about me
Rating: Recomandat
So much fun but so cold
Postat de Krause (Usa) in 1/10/2006
Thank you for your hospitality during our travel. So much fun but so cold!!! Thanks for making our holiday so pleasant making the reservations. Ohh, yesss.... probably I couldn't bear the frost no longer without that great heating system in the apartment. I had terrible problems finding suitable accommodation for us (we are not gullible or dupable,but unfortunately very pretentious). Nice website..clear explanations and photos. So much pleased with your company.
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